Saturday, 26 February 2011

The 3 P's (purple products) Review

Here you go guys :) my review of the products in my 3 P's blog :) overall i really liked the stuff i got and would definately recommend them

Also like i said in the video i recently mixed two of my lush products, i mixed the ex-factor bath ballistic with the comforter bubble bar. This was my first time mixing my lush products and tbh it was a pretty spontaneous decision, anyway it also turned my bath water a beautiful purple colour :) and it made my bathroom smell soo soo nice and soooo milky and it left my skin feeling soft. I would definitely recommend you guys try this although not all lush store will have the ex-factor as it was a valentines day item. I recently went into my lush store after valentines day and they didn't have any ex-factors left, however they are available online at the UK website at, im not 100% about other countries, sorry. But yeah i definitely recommend this.

The Comforter and Ex-factor mixed :)


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