Monday, 7 March 2011

The Ultimate Berry Bath

Last night i tested out the ultimate berry bath mix which basically consisted of three products with have a berry scent to them :)

For the bubble bar i used the comforter. This is a great product and one of my favourite bubble bars mainly because it is a lot larger than the other bubble bars lush have to offer. For a 200g bar its only £3.99 and you can get about 3-5 bath uses out of it. With a lush bubble bar all you have to do is crumble it under hot running water and it will make lots of bubbles, and with the comforter it also turns your bath water bright pink. If you feel like your not getting a lot of bubbles with your bubble bar it might be due to your water pressure (the faster the water pressure the more bubbles you will get ) so if you can turn up the water pressure if not just splash your hand about in the water for awhile and it will help form for bubbles. If that doesn't work then you may want to try adding more of your bubble bar. The comforter smells of blackcurrants and has a really girly and fruity scent to it :) It is a great smell and definitely one of lush's best products.

For the bath ballistic i used the one that smelt identical to the comforter which is the blackberry bomb bath ballistic. Again this smells like black currant and even has a surprise in the centre. Great bath bomb and it turns your bath water purple but mixed with the comtorter it turns your bath into a nice pinky purple colour :) again this is great for girly girls :)

Finally i added in the sweetie pie shower jelly. This is one of my all time favourite lush products and although it is preferably used in showers it can also be used in the bath aswell. I take a 2 pence sized amount and crush it into a lufa or a sponge and it lathers up really well and you can use it as a wash for you body. Again this has the same fruity smell as the blackberry bath bomb and the comforter so the smells really compliment each other and create the perfect berry bath. 

Another great lush berry scented product you could use if you want your bath extra moisturising is the happy blooming bath melt. Although this smells of cherries, the sweetie pie shower jelly also has a hint of cherry so they compliment each other and also go well with this berry scented bath. With a bath melt all you have to do is pop it into the bath and it melts away with the heat of the water to create a moisturising soak. 

Overall this was a very good bath and I would definitely recommend it to any girl who loves fruity and girly scents.