Saturday, 26 February 2011

The 3 P's (purple products) Review

Here you go guys :) my review of the products in my 3 P's blog :) overall i really liked the stuff i got and would definately recommend them

Also like i said in the video i recently mixed two of my lush products, i mixed the ex-factor bath ballistic with the comforter bubble bar. This was my first time mixing my lush products and tbh it was a pretty spontaneous decision, anyway it also turned my bath water a beautiful purple colour :) and it made my bathroom smell soo soo nice and soooo milky and it left my skin feeling soft. I would definitely recommend you guys try this although not all lush store will have the ex-factor as it was a valentines day item. I recently went into my lush store after valentines day and they didn't have any ex-factors left, however they are available online at the UK website at, im not 100% about other countries, sorry. But yeah i definitely recommend this.

The Comforter and Ex-factor mixed :)


Monday, 21 February 2011

New Website


Just go onto the to check out the new website !

The layout is alot different from the older website and it looks more like the us website. BUT WHAY HAY WE HAVE LUSH BACK !!! 

They even have some of the christmas stuff still on the website, they must still have some of the stuff in stock woo hoo im gonna try and grab myself a satsumo santa :) my all time fave bath ballistic 

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The 3 P's (purple products)

So i went into my local lush yesterday :) They were having a valentines day party :) but i couldn't stay for the party as i had my evening class at college at 6 :( and the party was between 5-8

So i went in to ask if i could get a shampoo to try out. I was very worried about asking for a sample as ive never asked before, but the lady who helped me was very nice. I told her my long story about how I'd  been looking for a shampoo for greasy hair and id been through literally all of the different brands available in boots and superdrug and everywhere else :/ Then i decided to dye my hair blonder to see if it would dry my hair out, which it did but once the colour fades my hair just goes back to being greasy. So i asked the women at lush if i could get a sample of one of the shampoo's either for greasy or coloured hair. She suggested three to me (all of which were liquid shampoos), I Love Juicy for greasy hair, Cynthia Sylvia Stout for coloured hair and Daddy-o for blonde hair. I eventually decided to ask for a sample of Daddy-o shampoo, it smells really nice although i cant really put my finger on what it smells of and the colour is beautiful. Its a lovely metallic purple colour :)

The next product i got which i had been dying to try from lush for AGES was one of their shower jellies. I smelt all of them and i loved all of them, i was so tempted to buy them all but i eventually went for Sweetie pie :) Again it is also purple and has blue glitters running through it. It smells like cherries mixed with the comforter <3 and as we all know the comforter is my favourite lush scent so i couldnt resist buying it :) cant wait to try the jelly out and let you guys know how i get on :D

And finally i got another lush product :) I got the Blackberry Bomb Bath Ballistic :) It again is also purple and has Bomb Imprinted on it. It has the same smell as the comforter (most blackcurrant) which is the main reason that drew me to it. I also read that it has a little suprise inside aswell so i cant wait to give that a bash :)

So i had a really nice day at lush picking up my three purple products :D - Daddy-o Shampoo, Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly and Blackberry Bath Bomb :D


Daddy-o free although you can get a 100g for £4.50, 250g for £8.90 and 500g for £24.50
Sweetie pie shower jelly- 100g-£2.85 and 250g-£5.70
Blackberry bath bomb-£2.75